Business planning is one of the most essential elements of a successful business. It doesn’t matter how good your marketing, advertising or public relations plans are, if you don’t have an overall plan into which these fit. Your time, effort and money is likely to be ineffective. Just like in a Symphony, if your sections aren’t playing in conjunction with one another, the result is an off-key, off-message garbled mess.

E.H. Johnson Consulting is experienced in working with both individuals and businesses in the creation of overall business plans and development.  Each business is individual and therefore each business plan will be custom created based on your needs and ultimate goals. In general, E.H. Johnson Consulting will:

  • Identify and outline your major and minor goals you wish to achieve through your business or project
  • Review any strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that may effect these goals and your success
  • Craft a mission or vision statement for your business or project
  • Develop a description of your business, product or service that is aimed at a specific target audience
  • Provide an in-depth market analysis that discusses the market you’re trying to enter, competitors, where you fit in and what time of market share you believe you can secure
  • Develop a marketing strategy and plan aimed at achieving your goals
  • Work with you to create a cash flow statement and overall budget plan for your business or project
  • Provide revenue projections based on the business plan, goals and needs

In addition to creating business plans for clients, E.H. Johnson Consulting can also provide training and development seminars aimed at guiding employers and employees in the creation and development of their individual business plans.  This is often aimed at independent contractors, who do not have access to an employer’s business plan.

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