Public Relations is not about sales and it is often times confused with Advertising.  Public Relations is about building a relationship with your core audience.  It is the conversation. This is the vehicle by which you tell your story.  Of all of the sections of your Symphony, Public Relations is probably the hardest to master, as it involves taking control of the public’s feelings and thoughts about your business and in some cases changing those perceptions.  Many consumers are very resistant to this.  Think of it this way: if someone doesn’t like Tchaikovsky, perhaps they’ve had a negative experience in the past or maybe they’ve only heard one or two pieces of his work. A good Public Relations campaign would focus on changing that person’s mind through education and positive experiences.    A good Public Relations campaign can make all the difference the world to your business and it’s success.

What can E.H. Johnson Consulting do for you?

  • Create a comprehensive Public Relations campaign for your company or individual need
    • Constructively evaluate your business, determining it’s strengths, weaknesses and possible threats that could affect your success
    • Identify and profile your likely target audience as it relates to your specific needs
    • Craft a clear message for your business to communicate to its identified target audience
    • Create a fully customized campaign to distribute this message clearly to your target audience
      • Press Releases and distribution
      • Social Media
      • Public Events
      • Editorials
      • Communication training for you and/or your employees
  • Review your current Public Relations campaign and make suggestions to increase success
  • Write press releases, social media content and/or blogs, mass mailing and communication to effectively relay your messaging
  • Plan and execute public or customer appreciation events

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