Thank you for stopping by and welcome to your one stop shop for all of your marketing, advertising and business development needs.  As the owner of E.H. Johnson Consulting I love what I do.  Sounds a bit cliché, huh?  It is, but it’s true.  This one-stop shop intimate approach isn’t a new concept, but I believe it’s an important one.  Successful marketing is based upon consistency, where all of your efforts support one another and work toward a common goal.  E.H. Johnson Consulting can fulfill all of your marketing and development needs in one place, which helps to ensure brand and message consistency.   Don’t have a goal yet?  Not to worry.  E.H. Johnson Consulting can help you craft your own business development plan as well.

So, let me tell you a bit about myself.  I graduated with a degree in Journalism and Mass Communications from UNC-Chapel Hill.  I had a concentration in Public Relations and randomly enough, Archeology of the Mediterranean Region.   I was also a member of the Lady Tarheel Golf Team for a period of time.

After graduating I went on to work in the Marketing Department for the PGA TOUR.  I worked with a number of Fortune 500 companies helping to create, cultivate and implement my client’s sponsorship of PGA TOUR tournaments and events.  I also worked in Business Development, where I identified potential sponsors and developed creative sponsorship ideas aimed at increasing their visibility on an international basis. I also played a lot of golf – definitely a perk of working with the TOUR.

After moving back to North Carolina, I worked for the Carolina Ballet in Raleigh.  As the Manager of the Annual Fund, Corporate and Government Support, I nurtured relationships with the Ballet’s annual donors.  Additionally, I was responsible for identifying and writing national and international grants on behalf of the Ballet.  Another perk of the job?  Free ballet tickets!

Real Estate had always been a draw to me.  I loved the idea of knowing where you were starting and where you needed to end and then trying to figure out the best way to get there.  I began my real estate career with RE/MAX in 2010.  Contrary to what many people believe, as a real estate agent you are your own business.  You are responsible for developing a successful business and marketing it on a daily basis.

After the birth of my son in 2014, I was offered the opportunity to work on the management side of real estate with RE/MAX.  I oversaw the management, marketing and finance of a local RE/MAX franchise in Raleigh.  In two short years, we were able to grow the business from a handful of agents to one of the premiere RE/MAX offices in the region.  With growth comes the need for education and training.  I developed a comprehensive and in-depth training program aimed at helping new agents build their business from the ground up.

So, why did I leave real estate? I have always loved marketing and all of the moving pieces that come along with it.  I love the challenge of developing a business and implementing creative ideas to achieve success.  This is why I started E.H. Johnson Consulting and I look forward to working with you.